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Vacuum Truck Excavations

Operated by our experienced underground digging team, our fleet of vacuum trucks provide expert non-destructive digging services. Specialising in telecommunications works and asset location, we can assist with both vacuum and hydro excavation as well as sucker truck hire. 

Fast and efficient non-destructive digging

If you need to safely clear space in areas where underground utilities or natural assets such as tree roots are present, vacuum excavation using sucker trucks is the ideal solution. Our operators are highly skilled and are inducted to Lend Lease, Skybridge and many other large developers. 

Fast, safe and cost-effective vacuum and hydro excavation is far less invasive than traditional digging and excavation methods, meaning less mess and a neater finish.

Vacuum excavations capabilities

Our fleet ranges from 3000lt to 4500lt spoil capacity and run off powerful Caterpillar engines, allowing us to get the job done fast and to the highest standard. Our vacuum and hydro excavation capabilities using our fleet of sucker trucks include:

  • Potholing
  • Site cleans
  • Dewatering
  • Service locations 
  • Leaf and debris clean up
  • Telecommunications pit removal
  • Directional drilling mud and dirt removal
  • Stormwater pit cleaning

If you’d like to find out more about our vac truck services, contact our team on (03) 8592 8100.