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With the NBN fibre roll-out continuing across Australia, all developers, surveyors and builders need to be familiar with the process of submitting telecommunications plans to NBN co in the correct format to ensure compliance. As telecommunications specialists, our team can assist with drafting plans as well as the application process.

Telecommunication plans drafted to meet required standards

Our expert design team can draft telecommunications plans to suit your needs and meet the required G645:2017 standards. Whether you’ve been asked for an AutoCAD, AYCA, NBN Pathway or Telecommunications Plan, we can help. We have the qualifications to draft plans that meet the strict requirements of every network provider throughout Australia, giving you peace of mind your plan will tick every box.

We take the hassle out of compliance

With many years experience in the telecommunications space, our team has the experience and knowledge to confidently navigate the application and approval process for you. Once we receive your building plans in AutoCAD format (they can be obtained from your architect) we’ll deal directly with the relevant network owner, so you can focus on all the other aspects needed to deliver your project on time. 

If you’d like to find out more about our drafting services, contact our team on (03) 8592 8100.