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Applications & Payment

Thereabout Timeframes for: Install, Documentation & Connection?

Lead times differ depending on what you require. We aim to provide a quote within two working days.
• One week to obtain a booking for site works.
• Council Documentation is issued once the provisioning letter is obtained from NBN.
• Final connections can be organised by the occupant through a Retail Service Provider (RSP) once NBN have completed the required street works.

I’ve accepted my quote what happens now?

MCS will send an invoice which will need to be paid before any works are started. Please ensure you read the email that was sent when you accepted our quote for further clarification. If you have engaged us to complete conduit and/or pit installation, you will need to contact us to book in the works, allowing a 1 week lead-time.

What services does MCS provide a quote for?

-Pit and Pipe Installation


-VC81 Subdivision Documentation for Council

-Pathway Designs

-AutoCAD plans for NBN applications

How much will documentation or conduit installation cost?

All pricing starts at $595 +gst and an exact price will be provided with a no obligation quote. Submit your application above by clicking on Application Form.

Can MCS change the biller on my invoice?

Yes, we will change the biller on any unpaid invoice. Email customerservice@mcsconnect.com.au with the new biller details and we will reissue.

Am I eligible for a refund if I select the wrong product?

If you are unsure about which product best suits your development, please talk to us first. MCS charge a $99 admin fee to process a refund.

How do I contact MCS for more information or an update?

Requests for information and updates via email are preferred, so send to us with an address and/or reference numbers to: customerservice@mcsconnect.com.au
Our Customer Service Team is also available Monday through Friday 9am-4pm on 03 8592 8100.

How do I obtain a quote?

Submit your application to us here online via our Application Form and make sure you have your plan of subdivision (or proposed) and site/landscaping plan ready. Click on our application form and fill in all details as best you can and we will email to ask questions if need be.

How long does it take to get a quote?

Usually 2 working days but there are variables that will affect this timeframe. If you need pathway designs or an NBN pre-design your quote may take up to seven working days.


I have been told I can’t get an NBN connection! Why?

Please keep in mind you need to allow 6 months for an NBN connection from the date the developer/landowner entered into an agreement with NBN. NBN are standing firm on the six month timeframe and MCS are unable to make this process go any faster.

If you have allowed six months then there are a few reasons you may be unable to obtain a connection, for example:
– Your retail service provider is unable to locate your address.
– You have an agreement in place with Telstra but the infrastructure in the street is now owned by NBN.
NBN are aware of these issues and assure us they are working to remedy.

If you have allowed six months but would like further information on why you can’t get connected, contact NBN on 1800 687 626

MCS provided documentation only. Who is responsible for installing conduit and connecting my dwelling in the street?

The owner of the property is responsible for installing conduit from the dwelling/s to the property boundary and for works in the street where there is no underground infrastructure installed. NBN will provide access to any existing network in the street and connections will be available once the rollout is complete.

Who connects my service for a new dwelling?

You will need to arrange a connection through your retail service provider once NBN have completed street works.

Design & Install of Third Party Pit & Pipe

Can I submit my own design or one that has been completed by my consultant?

In some cases, yes but it must comply with NBN specifications. Most often the drawings completed by consultants do not meet the guidelines for G645:2017 standards. If you are building four or more dwellings one behind the other, you will need an AutoCAD design for the application to NBN.

Can I have conduits and pits installed prior to having approved drawings?

Yes, there are no rules governing when you install pits and conduits, but in order to comply we strongly advise engaging MCS Connect at least six months before build completion so that when the time comes for installation everything is approved and ready for construction.

What is the lead time on getting a design completed?

On small developments the design is often completed within five working days from when your MCS Connect invoice is paid. For larger developments or multi-level constructions we would require a lead time of at least two weeks from payment of your MCS invoice.

Does MCS provide pathway and NBN pre-designs?

Yes, this is dependent on your development site and the requirements of the network provider. We will need access to your CAD drawings.

How much will documentation or conduit installation cost?

All pricing starts at $595 +gst and an exact price will be provided with a no obligation quote. Submit your application above by clicking on Application Form.

When do I need to engage MCS?

Recommended timeframe is at least six months before your estimated build completion.

Does every new development require a design?

Yes, as a part of the application made to NBN there is a requirement to upload a formatted design. If there are pits involved in the scope of accepted works (either internally or externally) your sites network design will be submitted in the AutoCAD format.

Phone and Data Points - Be NBN Ready

Why won’t NBN connect my internet/phone?

NBN won’t connect if you don’t provide an internal conduit. The conduit will be running from the outside of your house (usually near the meter box) to the inside of your garage.

Do I need to install phone, data points and an internal conduit for NBN?

Yes. We will provide a quote with the option of one phone, one data point. The most important part is the internal conduit for NBN. This will typically run from the meter box to a wall in your garage. You will need to supply a power point for the NBN gear.

VC-81 Council Compliance Documentation

What happens if I completed building years ago but want to sub-divide now and council want forms 1 and 2?

VC-81 council compliance documentation is the only product we offer in helping you with this council requirement. Essentially you need the registration with NBN and forms 1 and 2. It is via this registration process that you can obtain a provisioning letter that will satisfy the VC-81 legislation with council. NBN will have charges for you ranging from $400-$600 per lot.

Does MCS provide the documentation for council if I’ve finished building and my sparky has installed conduits?

Yes, we can with Form 1 stating that “No, lead in connections have been installed”. If you provide evidence they have been installed to the G645:2017 standards, we can mark Form 1 as “Yes, lead-in connections have been installed”.

How long does it take for MCS provide VC-81 documentation for council?

There are two things that determine how soon we can provide you with VC-81 documentation. The soonest we can provide the documentation is dependent on the application process with NBN and the situation on your site. If you are selling as vacant or haven’t had conduits installed from house to boundary we will provide documentation that states no infrastructure has been installed. It is up to your council to accept or not without conduits installed. We are able to provide the documentation with forms 1 and 2 once we have your ‘confirmation of payment’ or ‘Practical Completion’ letter. If you are building we highly recommend submitting documentation with forms 1 and 2 once you have completed your installations, but we understand situations where titles need to be obtained before building begins.

VC-81 documentation can be obtained in 6-8 weeks in a ‘best case scenario’ but the entire process can take up to six months. Three councils in Victoria differ on what they will accept so be aware of trying to obtain subdivision in Geelong, Moreland and Glen Eira Shires before telecommunications infrastructure have been installed. In these instances, documentation should be submitted to council once your installations from house to boundaries have been completed.

Will I be applying to NBN or Telstra for my subdivision?

An application will need to be made to NBN as they are the network owner. As of 1st July 2019 Telstra has announced they will not be accepting applications as the NBN rollout is within 12 months of completion. Registration with NBN will be made in order to obtain a provisioning letter in accordance with the VC-81 legislation. Please be aware that you will be able to access the NBN network once the roll-out has been completed to your address. If you have paid your NBN invoice, connections are still dependent on the completion of the NBN roll-out.

How much will documentation or conduit installation cost?

All pricing starts at $595 +gst and an exact price will be provided with a no obligation quote. Submit your application above by clicking on Application Form.